Change Angle, Don't Turn the Screen

With Mokibo FreeAngle, you can change the iPad's angle with one simple hand movement-without ever turning the screen on its side. It's really as easy as organically lifting or lowering the iPad's angle and securing it in the desired position.

Keep the Pencil in the Right Place

Your prized Apple Pencil stays neatly attached to the top of Mokibo FreeAngle, preventing lost and damaged pencils, and making it super easy to reach out to the pencil when you need it, and to securely re-attach it when you don't.

FreeAngle for Every Taste

we're all different-and we love that diversity! that's why we designed Mokibo FreeAngle to allow you to explore more angles than just the two ordinary positions that people typically expect. You can simply change the angle and adapt it to your specific requirements with one simple movement.

Putting an End to Light Reflections

Sometimes the light reflection coming from the window is just not helping! Or, if you're outdoors, there may be a reflection of the background images on your iPad screen...hurting your creative and poductive flow. With FreeAngle, you can easily adjust the angle to keep these reflections from being a problem.

Magnetically Versatile

No other iPad cover is so strongly magnetic that it can securely hold your device mounted to any magnetic surface... only Mokibo FreeAngle is super convenient to check up on a recipe, follow a YOUTUBE recipe guide, or just watch the news or a show while you're fixing a meal!

And be reassured : even if you simply hold the cover, FreeAngle will be so strongly attached that your iPad won't fall!