Fusion Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

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Fusion Keyboard

Mokibo is a full-size keyboard in which the keyboard surface also functions as a trackpad. Your fingers don't have to leave the keyboard to move the mouse cursor.

How is this possible?

A precision touch sensor is lacated under the right
half of the keyboard. Our technology automatically
distinguishes between keyboard mode and mouse mode
so that the mouse does not move while using the keyboard.



You can scroll using two fingers just as you would
a standard trackpad. Smoothness is comparable
to that of trackpads/mice from leading brands.


You can vring up the dock with a 3-finger tap,
and you can to choose the application you want to use.

Swiping up and down

Swipe three fingers up - the iPad shows the applications you have recently used. Swipe three fingers down - the iPad goes to the home screen immediately.

Swiping left and right

Swipe three fingers left and right
- select any application you have recently used.

Tapping for clicking

You can operate left-click, double-click, or triple-click by tapping the keyboard surface with one finger and two fingers for right-click.

Multiple gesture actions

You can perform various gestures continuously
with less arm movement.

Up to 3 devices Multi-pairing

Connect up to 3 devices even with different operating systems and switch between them by pressing the Fn and channel key shortly.
Long press the Fn and Channel key for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode.

On any device Multi-OS support

It supports various operating systems that support Bluetooth 5.1, such as iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android devices including Samsung DeX, Windows, Linux, Smart TV and Oculus Quest 2, etc.

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이전 버전 이야기였는지 모르겠지만 터치감이나 인식이 안 좋다고 해서 걱정했는데 키감도 아주 맘에 들고 터치 속도도 잘 따라오네요. 이런 방식은 처음 써봐서 터치 적응을 좀 해야할 거 같은데 좋습니다.아쉬운 점이 있다면 두손가락까지는 제스처 인식이 잘되는데 (펌웨어 업데이트함) 세손가락부터는 잘 안되네요.자력 약하다는 얘기도 있는데, 약하기는 하지만 그냥 책상에서 쓸 때는 큰 문제는 없는 것 같습니다. 덜렁덜렁 들고다니면 조금 위험할지도…문서작업이 많으면 매직키보드가 더 편할 것 같은데, 저는 그림 작업을 주로 할 거라 눕히는 각도+블루투스 방식이 더 편하고, 12.9인치의 무게를 생각하면 짭 매직키보드는 또 너무 무거워서 요 키보드가 최고의 선택이었다는 생각이 드네요. 만족스럽습니다 ㅎㅎ 첫날부터 이렇게 만족스러운데 앞으로도 계속 만족하며 쓸 수 있으면 좋겠네요